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Budapest Pocket Guide - Budapest Travel Online 
Discount flight tickets, airfare, hotels and car rentals!
Book your Budapest Hotel, Budapest Flight,
Budapest Rent a Car Here!
Choose your language and currency: 
English, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, French, German.
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Budapest Pocket Guide - Budapest Travel Online 
Discount flight tickets, airfare, hotels and car rentals!
Book your Budapest Hotel, Budapest Flight,
Budapest Rent a Car Here!
Choose your language and currency: 
English, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, French, German.




Péter Kőhalmi

Publisher - Owner

Budapest Pocket Guide - Magazine / Online / Mobile
H-1192 Budapest, Ady Endre út 9.
Mobile: +36.20 944.2858


One of Hungary's Most Visited Travel Websites To
Better Serve Business & Leisure Travelers

BUDAPEST, Hungary - "Budapest Pocket Guide," the well-known pocket-sized booklet on travel to the Hungarian capital, has begun increasing the services provided on its popular website,

The website's latest additions include offering bus and walking tours of Budapest provided by "Budapest Walk-Air" that visitors can book online. And, the newly expanded "Budapest Headline News," featuring the latest news from Hungary updated every 15 minutes, is now one of the most popular services on

"Visitors to our website and city seek additional travel services to better enjoy their trips, so these improvements give them many more options," said Péter Kőhalmi, owner and publisher of the Budapest Pocket Guide. "In the next year, we plan to make additional exciting updates to the website to assist the more than 2.5 million tourist arrivals to Budapest each year."

The guide also is available on WAP (wireless application protocol) so mobile phone users can access all book content.

With about 1 million visitors each week according to the web information company, the website is one of the most visited Hungarian travel websites. Kőhalmi said that most of the website visitors live in the U.S. and Canada, about 10 percent are in Hungary, and the rest are from around the world. Many visitors are planning trips to Budapest in the coming weeks or months.

As Hungary prepares to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its liberation following the Hungarian revolution of October 1956, Kőhalmi is not surprised by the rising interest in travel to Budapest.

"Today, more travelers realize that Budapest has a lot to offer, a dynamic culture and thriving business climate, outstanding food, easy access in a central European location. Budapest Ferihegy Airport is one of the region's fastest growing hubs. And, visitors say their money goes farther in Budapest than in most European capitals. What else could they ask for?," said Kőhalmi.

Kőhalmi says that he has received strong interest from Hungarian and foreign investors and advertisers wishing to provide increased services to Budapest visitors. Real estate and travel services are among the most requested by the website's visitors, he adds. Interested companies can contact him at

First published in 1995, Budapest Pocket Guide (BPG) has produced 30,000 complimentary print booklets on a quarterly basis for many years. Malev Hungarian Airlines has distributed BPG to its passengers, helping to make the pocket guide an especially popular resource for senior management representatives the world over conducting business in Hungary or taking leisure vacations there.

Today, Budapest Pocket Guide is available exclusively online and via wireless application protocol. BPG's Internet edition provides a wealth of information including an English to Hungarian phrase list, recommended restaurants, hotels and museums, Hungarian currency and pricing information, transport and weather details, a briefing on the economy, and biographies of famous Hungarians, direct access to booking hotel, flight and car rental services in Hungary and worldwide with its partner and much more.

To learn more about the Budapest Pocket Guide, consumers can visit the website at or email

M. Pirages

Budapest Pocket Guide is member of

British Chamber of Commerce in Hungary

Central European Countries Travel Association

2F 2000 Kft.

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