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Budapest Pocket Guide - Budapest Travel Online 
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Budapest Pocket Guide - Budapest Travel Online 
Discount flight tickets, airfare, hotels and car rentals!
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Buildings and Monuments


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Budapest Tours & Excursions

Luxury hotel behind the Fishermen's Bastion. In its inner courtyard is the 13th century Dominican church and monastery. On summer evenings there are chamber music concerts in the church. It can be found in the Buda Castle Quarter Hess András tér. The monastery is always open to visitors. To get there: through the main entrance to the hotel then to the left down the hallway and down the stairs. Church: 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. To get there: from the Fishermen's Bastion through the wrought-iron gate.


(Heroes' Square)

Made in 1896 for the 1000th anniversary of Hungary's existence it consists of statues of the seven leaders who played the most important roles in the country's history and of the kings who followed them. In front of the monuments stands the monument to the Unknown Soldier. It can be found in the 14th district. To get there: by Metro 1 bus 1.


(Amusement Park)
Budapest's largest fun park open all year (limited hours in winter) It can be found in the 14th district Városliget.


(Hungarian State Opera House)

This neorenaissance palace built in 1884 is one of the city's most beautiful buildings and one of Europe's most beautiful opera houses. Its inner rooms are decorated with frescos by the most famous Hungarian painters. The performance hall seats 1200 where nearly every day during the winter season there are performances and in the peak tourist season (August 10 - 19) there is the 'Budafest-Operafestival' and on New Year's Eve the Opera Ball. It can be found in the 6th district Andrássy út 22. Open to visitors: (aside from opera performances) Sat - Sun at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. There are tours in English French German Italian Spanish and Hungarian.


(Margaret Island)

Budapest's most valuable and most beautiful park is this 2 kilometer long island which is flanked by Árpád Bridge and Margit Bridge. On the island: - Historical monuments: the ruins of two 13th century churches and monasteries statue park with busts of the most distinguished personalities in the history of Hungarian culture. - Natural treasures: several hundred-year-old trees rose garden Japanese garden with waterfall springing from Artesian well with fish pond and fountain which is lit by night. - Establishments providing a way to spend free time: open-air theater (opera and ballet performances in July and August) National Sport Swimming Pool Palatinus open-air bath open-air cinema and the EuroGym Fitness Center. - Tourist establishments and services: 4 and 5 star medicinal hotels (Thermal Ramada) Casino Restaurant with garden area and variety show program in summer. To get there: by tram 1 4 6 or bus 26 from the Nyugati tér. Entering the island by car is forbidden except for guest of the hotels who may drive in from the Árpád híd to the hotel.


(Millennium Underground Railway)

The continent's first and after the London underground Europe's second underground railway was declared open in 1896 on the occasion of the Millennium. It currently runs as the Metro 1 line between Vörösmarty tér (5th district) and Mexikói út (14th district). The original cars and equipment are on display in the Metro underpass at Deák tér as Europe's only Underground Transportation Museum.


(Pest Municipal Concert Hall)

  • Symbolic of Hungarian Romantic architecture, built in 1865 for holding balls.
  • City's second most important concert hall.
  • July to September, location of programs for Interoperett tourists.
  • Concerts held through the rest of the year as well.
Location: 5th district, Vigadó tér, walking distance from Yellow Line Metro Vörösmarty tér stop.
Hours: ask your hotel receptionist.


(Zoo and Botanical Garden)

An establishment which is more than a hundred years old. At the time of its founding Europe's 20th high standard zoo. Open to visitors: all year. It can be found in the 14th district Városliget.


(Ottoman Turkish Tomb)

An Ottoman Empire Turkish sepulchral chapel built in 1458 over the grave site of Gül Baba, the Ottoman military genius.
Location: 2nd district, Mecset utca 14, walking distance from Margaret Bridge Buda side 4 or 6 Tram stop.
Hours: ask your hotel receptionist.


(Western Railway Station)

Budapest's first official railway station, built in 1877, and an historical monu ment designed by the Eiffel Paris firm.
Location: 13th district, Nyugati tér, take Blue Line Metro to Nyugati pályaudvar.
Hours: 24 (external viewing only after closing hours).



The Bank Center is an exceptionally designed brand new office/commercial complex located on a full city block at the heart of Budapest's banking and financial district on the Szabadság square. The Bank Center was designed by internationally acclaimed Hungarian architect Dr. József Finta. The development consists of four ten-storey towers clad in polished granite and reflective glass that mirror and high-light the magnificent historical facades of their immediate neighbors. The Bank Center is an integral and important addition to Budapest's skyline and a most prestigious business address in Budapest. The Bank Center accommodates major banking and commercial institutes like World Bank and IFC. It is a one-of-a-kind building in a one-of-a-kind location. When you enter the Bank Center is the breathtaking sculptured Atrium Arcade and Passage connecting the four buildings. The passage is a delightful and enchanting pedestrian walkway that will bring people together and create a fine meeting place in Budapest. It is accessible from all sides and could become a venue for many great exhibitions displays and corporate receptions. On the ground floor and on the Concourse level you will find banking halls convenient retail outlets and food courts. The Bank Center will be an image commensurate only to other landmark office towers in London Paris New York Toronto or Tokyo.


(City Park)

Budapest's second most significant park with cultural and historical monuments and entertainment establishments. To get there: by Metro 1 to Hősök tere or to Széchenyi fürdő.


(Vajdahunyad Castle)

This group of buildings was prepared for the Millennium exhibition of 1896. Its designer Alpár Ignác took components from the country's most beautiful buildings and constructed the whole out of these units. Moved to the area around the castle are the churches palaces and monasteries of the country's most different areas in miniature copies. The Hungarian Agricultural Museum received a place in the castle. Around the Castle is a rowboat lake which is an artificial ice rink in winter. It can be found in the 14th district Hősök tere.


(Circus of Budapest)
Open to visitors: during the performances. It can be found in the 14th district Városliget.


(Gellért Hill)

A 236 meter high hill in the center of the city rich in therapeutic springs. On the top of the hill is the 19th century fortress the Citadella (tourist hotel Gypsy music restaurant wine house casino disco) and the 46 meter tall Liberty Statue. Look-out point: a complete 360° panorama of the city (coin operated telescopes). On its side is the rock-chapel and at the foot of the hill are three medicinal baths (Gellért fürdő Rác fürdő Rudas fürdő). To get there: from Móricz Zsigmond körtér by bus 27 or 127.


(The Parliament)

- Hungary's most finely decorated building, and one of Europe's largest Parliaments.
- Exceptional viewing experience, not to be missed.
- Center of democratic political debate in Hungary.
- Location of the Cupola Hall, where the royal crown and regalia are guarded.
Location: 5th district, take Red Line from Deák tér to Kossuth tér.
Hours: ask your hotel receptionist,


(Music Academy)

  • Exceptional Secession style building, with two large concert halls.
  • City's foremost music institution.
  • Concerts almost everyday from Sept. to June.
Location; 6th district, Liszt Ferenc tér 8, take Tram 4 or 6 (after Yellow Line Metro to Oktogon) to Király utca.
Hours: ask your hotel receptionist.


(Roman ruins and monuments)

Budapest's Roman age predecessor (roughly 2000 years old).
Mosaic floored ancient roman ruins of houses, temples and baths.
Museum containing archaeological artifacts and fascinating information.
Ask for information about nearby roman amphitheater and other Roman ru- ins of interest  (mostly walking distance).

Location: 3rd district, take Red Line to Batthyány tér and transfer to HÉV, which takes you to Aquincum HÉV stop.

Hours: ask your hotel receptionist.



At the beginning of the century a uniquely Hungarian style developed out of the Secession style whose most beautiful examples can be seen at various points in the city: - Museum of Industrial Design - Postal Savings Bank (9th district Üllői út). (12nd district Moszkva tér). - Hungarian State Geological Institute- - New York Palace (14th district Stefánia út). (5th district Szervita tér). - Kőbánya Church - Gresham Palace (10th district Pataki István tér). (5th district Roosevelt tér).

Castle District

(Buda's Castle Hill)

(Buda Castle Palace)

For about 700 years the location of the royal residences of Hungarian kings today this baroque palace is the home of Budapest's most important public collections and on its grounds are archeological excavations from the palaces of the middle ages. It can be found in the 1st district. To get there: by the Várbusz (Castle bus) from Moszkva tér or from the Lánchíd by the funicular railway which has been reconstructed according to the original plans of 1870.

Régi Országház Arany Hordó Pest-Buda Alabárdos Fortuna.

The Buda Castle Hill Tunnel built in 1837. Designed by Dániel Novák and built by a British engineer Adam Clark who also built the Chain Bridge.


(Fishermen's Bastion)

A bastion system in neo-roman style made from the city walls of the middle ages raised up with decorative cells. One of the symbols of Budapest together with the Matthias Church it is most beautiful at night with its decorative lighting. Look-out point: the many-leveled look-out terrace offers a very nice panorama of the Pest bank of the Danube and the Buda Hills. In the interior of the bastion gypsy music elegant restaurant wine cellar night bar and disco can be found. It can be found in the Buda Castle Szentháromság tér. Always open to visitors

(Gellért Hill)

  • 236 meters high hill, offers a spectacular 360° view of central Budapest.
  • Base of which is home to three thermal water baths, that of Hotel Gellért, Rác Fürdô and Rudas Fürdô.
  • Atop which is the Citadella, a 19th century fortress, within which one can find a restaurant, hotel, casino, wine house, and a disco.
  • Location of the 46 meter tall Liberty Statue.
  • Also, home to the Rock (hewn) Chapel, a Catholic run facility.

Location: 1st district, take Tram 47 or 49 from Deák tér to Gellért tér or to Móricz Zsigmond körtér where one transfers to Bus 27 to get closer to the Citadella.
Hours: 24.

(Budapest Museum of History)

- The remaining portions of the Royal Palace of the middle ages castle chapel.
- Gothic statue collection in the Knights' Hall.
- Archeological excavations in Budapest.
- Budapest in the middle ages.
Programs: on Sundays at 11:30 a.m. musical historical costume plays for children chamber music in the King's Cellar (periodically). It can be found in the Buda Castle Palace.

(Museum of Transportation)
Collection of vessels, vehicles and other moving machines and means of transportation used in Hungary throughout the ages.
Location: 14th district, take Yellow Metro line (old subway) from Deák tér to Széchenyi Fürdô.
Hours: see on page 49-51.

(National Széchényi Library)

The country's largest library performs the duties of the national library. Programs: periodic exhibitions. It can be found in the Buda Castle Palace. Open to visitors: Mon: 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. Tue - Sat: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. It can be found in the Buda Castle Palace near the Bécsi kapu tér.



Luxury hotel behind the Fishermen's Bastion. In its inner courtyard is the 13th century Dominican church and monastery. On summer evenings there are chamber music concerts in the church. It can be found in the Buda Castle Quarter Hess András tér. The monastery is always open to visitors. To get there: through the main entrance to the hotel then to the left down the hallway and down the stairs. Church: 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. To get there: from the Fishermen's Bastion through the wrought-iron gate.


(Buda Castle Quarter)

The two entrances to the Buda Castle Quarter the Bécsi kapu tér (Vienna Gate square) and Dísz tér are tied together by four streets and one promenade (Táncsics Mihály utca Fortuna utca Országház utca Úri utca and Tóth Árpád sétány) on which virtually every house built baroque monuments on medieval basis: on the houses' facades signs of the different eras are well visible and the gothic sediles found at the bottom of the gates bear a certain value as historical art.


(The Buda Castle's Wax-Works Labyrinth)

In one section of the 12 kilometers of Castle caves running under the Buda Castle Hill: life-pictures from the history of the Hungarian people wax figures. It can be found at Úri utca 9. Open to visitors: Tue - Sun 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. To get there: two minutes walk from Szentháromság tér.




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