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Budapest is a European city - economically, politically, culturally and geographically. Budapest, Hungary is part of the European Union.
Hungary's capital, Budapest is situated in the middle of the continent, close to the eastern world. This is why the country's culture is so colourful and interesting. In 2002 Hungarian culture received the kind of recognition we all have reason to be proud of... >>

Optic World

The Optic World optical group opened its first optical store in 2003. Today, with its 22 stores, it has become the largest, privately owned optical chain in Hungary. Our goal is to provide the highest level of professional service, with a high and unique variety of optical and sun glasses, in a exclusive environment.

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The land which was settled by the founding Hungarians had been inhabited territory since pre-historical times. According to findings the Carpathian basin was already home to early man half a million years ago. In the middle paleozoic era human settlements existed in the countryside around the middle area of the river Tisza. In the neolithic age the people of the Korösi culture had already begun cultivating the land using cut stone instruments. The findings from the copper and bronze ages bear witness to the fact that at that time people were already living in tribal communities in this region were familiar with the four-wheel wagon pulled by oxen they kept domesticated animals could weave and spin and made dishes out of clay... >>
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Budapest's World Heritage Sites. In 2002 the UNESCO World Heritage committee enhanced the capital's standing among the already existening eight World Heritage locations in Hungary (Hollókő, Budapest, Pannonhalma, Hortobágy, Pécs, Tokaj, Aggtelek, Lake Fertő). This means that now Andrássy Avenue and its historical environs join the Castle district and Danube embankment as holders of the prestigious World Heritage award, although it is true to say that local residents and visitors consider the award fully deserved, Budapest being - in their eyes - one of the most beautiful capitals in the world. >> Budapest "Walk-Air" City Tours

Budapest "Walk-Air" City Tours Take a relaxing stroll along the streets, or a guided bus tour near city center. You will be surprised by the large number of hidden gems to be discovered in such a small area of Budapest.

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Budapest Pocket Guide - Budapest Yours to Discover

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Budapest Pocket Guide - Budapest Travel Online
Discount flight tickets, airfare, hotels and car rentals!
Book your Budapest Hotel, Budapest Flight,
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